Summer is approaching and with it the arrival of boxes of watermelons at supermarkets. Like melon, watermelon is one of the fruits of the season, a dessert that helps us cool off on the hottest days. But here is a doubt that will assail you as soon as you step foot in your trusted fruit store: how do you know if a watermelon is green, overripe, or at the ideal point of ripeness for consumption? Historically, we have hit several of the copies stacked in stores before selecting the one we want to buy. Now, a veteran fruit seller has explained on his social networks what sound is why you should throw away a watermelon.

Until now, we know the fruit seller Raúl Cárdaba from the great popularity that his Instagram account (@fruterotiktokero) has acquired, where he already has a whopping 184,000 followers thanks to the videos in which he shows and cuts all kinds of products. Although he is his father on this occasion, José Cárdaba, the owner of the Vitaminas de Madrid fruit shop (1 Aristoteles Street). who discovers the definitive trick to choose the best watermelon in a publication that accumulates more than 5,800 likes. Tune up your ears!

Given the young influencer’s willingness to split one of the watermelons sold in his store, instinct leads him to do what we have all done at some point: hit several watermelons to determine which one is the good one. “This one, right?” However, his father is quick to settle: “That’s a pass, don’t you see that it sounds like ‘plof, plof, plof’? According to the veteran fruit seller, if when you hit a watermelon it sounds hollow, it means that it is either stale or that it is shelled, that is, it has much more shell compared to the flesh of the fruit. It could also be that he suffered a severe blow.

Instead, this fruit seller has revealed the trick to selecting watermelon that is at its optimal point of ripeness. When hitting it, “it has to resonate loudly, it has to have pressure inside so that it is at its perfect point,” he explains in the video. Therefore, if a watermelon sounds rather hard to the touch, it means that it is ripe enough to eat. And you, did you know this advice for choosing the best specimen from the fruit store? You already know! Prepare your hands and listen carefully to what each watermelon means if you want to properly enjoy the fruit par excellence of this summer season.