Our furry dogs rarely leave us, especially if we have food in our hands. They know that they have the opportunity to eat something other than feed and they wait patiently for their human friend to give them something, although that is not the case of a German shepherd who took advantage of an oversight by his owner to achieve his goal. 

According to a TikTok post, the young woman was recording a review of prepared food from the supermarket. In the video, she intended to show in detail the texture and ingredients of the dish. Slowly, she turns the fork so that it can be seen properly. 

However, food doesn’t last even five seconds on the fork. In the middle of recording, his German shepherd appears to steal his piece and get a delicious snack. And it seems he liked it, because he then licked the fork clean.  

The owner can’t quite believe her furry friend’s audacity. “Never record a review in the same room as the dog,” she concludes. 

The video has generated dozens of comments among users of this social network. “He liked it. For me it is an excellent review,” jokes one. “He would think that he didn’t need to worry about the review,” adds another. And most agree on the furry man’s good faith: “I just wanted to help.”