Although dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friends and feel unconditional affection, love and loyalty for their owners, the truth is that it is not enough for them to interact exclusively with people. These animals need to interact with other animals, otherwise they could trigger behavioral problems in the future.

For this reason, the animal-loving profile @jtwohawks was happy to share a video of his cat taking care of his dog in a very peculiar way. The result has been a complete success, since the animals have become inseparable.

The video has gone viral after showing a most unique scene, in which the dog uses the feline to be clean. “My 14-year-old dog asks my cat to give him a bath every night,” says his owner Jean.

Jean has not hesitated to record this tender moment between her dog and her cat, who have proven to be a real partner.

As expected, this incredible scene already amasses all kinds of comments from users who have been left speechless with the animal’s attitude: “They are the same color ????????” points out one user, while another states: “Look how it comes back for more pampering, I melt.”