Our puppies have a lot to learn, from basic commands to more complex instructions that, to the surprise of their human friends, they are able to execute without much problem, although they need a little more time. That is the case of a golden retriever who tried to jump onto the bed, something he had not done before.

At first, the dog simply rested its two front paws on one of the edges, without having enough strength to push itself off, according to a TikTok post. He was not able to do what his owner told him and that made him impatient.

The owner tries to explain to him that he cannot support himself, but has to use his hind legs. The furry dog ​​does not quite understand it and repeats the same mistake in various areas of the bed, as seen in the video.

When he fails to do so, the human friend suggests that he take a run to get on the bed. And he finally he gets it. He doesn’t just do it once. On a second attempt, he is also able to jump and end up on top. “He is growing so fast,” the young man celebrates in his profile.

The achievement of this golden retriever has generated dozens of reactions on this social network. “Did anyone else feel proud?” comments one. “The happiness that this video generated in me is total,” adds another. “This is happiness,” others agree. Some take the opportunity to praise the owner’s attitude: “Instead of telling him not to get on, he tells him to do it.”