A curious anecdote has become a phenomenon on social networks: a young woman in Japan filmed herself on a beach and ended up capturing how a bird stole her cell phone in mid-flight. 

The short video, of only 22 seconds, clearly shows the moment in which the young woman, who was quietly recording herself on the beach avenue, is surprised by a bird that snatches the phone from her hands.

The bird, which could not be precisely identified because only part of its wing is visible in the video, holds the mobile phone with its claws for a few seconds while it flies. Finally, the bird releases the device, which falls to the ground without further damage. This unusual event has generated a stir on social networks, where the video has been titled “Japanese birds are wild.”

The clip has accumulated almost half a million likes, and has gone viral thanks to the reaction of surprise and humor it has provoked among users. 

Many comment on the unusual situation and the bird’s ability to perform such a feat. “I have never seen anything like this, the birds in Japan are really different,” one user commented.

This incident has not only provided a moment of entertainment for many, but has also highlighted the interaction between humans and animals in urban environments, as it is not the first time it has occurred. 

As the video continues to gain popularity, it stands as a reminder that nature can surprise us at the most unexpected moments.