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From the floor to the studios, Fox News is live in Milwaukee keeping you up to date on all the action at the Republican National Convention. Follow along for more.

The Trump campaign responded to the Biden team’s reaction to JD Vance after the VP announcement, calling it ‘poor taste’. The FBI is investigating an assassination attempt on former President Trump. A former presidential candidate stirred controversy with a line from their RNC speech. A former FBI task force officer expressed shock over the assassination attempt on Trump.

Elon Musk is reportedly set to donate $45,000,000 per month to help Trump win back the White House. Trump’s former primary rival was in the Republican convention spotlight, a day after JD Vance was picked as VP. JD Vance, who brings experience from Silicon Valley to the campaign and potentially the White House, received congratulations from Vice President Harris.

Biden has been vocal about Trump ‘dividing the country’ and called for unity and lowering the ‘temperature’ in politics. He also revealed details of his phone call with Trump after the assassination attempt.

Biden had a heated exchange with NBC’s Lester Holt over unfavorable media coverage. The photographer behind the iconic image of Trump’s reaction to the assassination attempt is hesitant to label it as such. Biden had previously made strong remarks about Trump, calling him a ‘dictator’ and ‘Putin’s puppy’.

JD Vance, once a Never Trumper, is now the VP pick shaping MAGA’s future. Van Jones condemned Trump’s VP pick as a ‘horror on the world stage’.

Opinions from Liz Peek and Hugh Hewitt reflect on Trump’s wins and Mitch McConnell’s role. Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, and Sean Hannity shared their insights on JD Vance and the Trump assassination attempt.

In other news, a photo of a Trump flag joins images that capture American resolve, while the parents of the Trump rally shooter are revealed to be registered Pennsylvania professional counselors. Test your knowledge with an American culture quiz and watch a porcupine escaping the summer heat in Baltimore.

Rep. Nancy Mace believes Congress should pass a bill providing Secret Service for presidential candidates, while Ben Shapiro praises JD Vance as a ‘bulldog’ for Trump.

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