Attack on Last Civilian Hospital in Sudan City Forces Closure

17 hours ago
By International Correspondents, BBC News

Amid the ongoing civil war in Sudan, the last remaining hospital in the besieged city of el-Fasher has been forced to shut down following an attack. El-Fasher is the sole city under army control in the Darfur region.

Supported by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the hospital was the only facility left in el-Fasher where injured civilians could receive medical treatment. Reports had been circulating of shells hitting the South Hospital in the city, causing casualties. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) raided the hospital, resulting in chaos.

Gunmen stormed the facility, looting medical supplies, stealing an ambulance, and assaulting staff. The attack prompted the closure of the hospital, leaving only a reduced medical team and ten patients present during the incident.

The facility’s location near the frontlines has raised security concerns, prompting MSF to plan a relocation. However, the nearby Saudi Hospital lacks essential supplies like fuel, electricity, and water, leaving injured civilians without access to medical care for at least a week.

The assault on the hospital has drawn condemnation from MSF, with the organization’s Head of Emergencies denouncing the attack as a violation of international humanitarian law. Despite previous accusations of abuses against the RSF, this incident marks a new low in the conflict.

The closure of the hospital is a significant setback for the residents of el-Fasher, as it was the primary referral center for treating war-related injuries. With over 1,300 injured individuals treated at the facility in the past month alone, the loss of this medical facility will have dire consequences for the local population.

The RSF, reportedly supported by the United Arab Emirates, has been implicated in numerous human rights abuses across Sudan, including mass killings and ethnic cleansing. The conflict has already claimed over 15,000 lives and displaced millions, making it one of the most devastating crises in the world.

Efforts to broker peace have repeatedly failed, as both sides remain entrenched in the conflict. The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, with millions facing starvation and displacement as a result of the ongoing violence.

These developments underscore the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sudan to prevent further loss of life and suffering.