Chad Gable is gearing up to compete for the Intercontinental Championship at the upcoming Clash at the Castle event in Glasgow, Scotland. Ahead of the highly anticipated match, Gable took the opportunity to address the ongoing rumors surrounding his contract status with WWE. During an exclusive interview on Gorilla Position, Gable confirmed that he has indeed re-signed with the company. While there were previous speculations about Gable potentially becoming a free agent before his showdown with Sami Zayn, it was widely expected within WWE that he would continue his tenure with the organization. However, Gable did not disclose the specific length of his new contract, leaving fans and critics curious about the details.

This upcoming title match will mark Gable’s third shot at capturing the Intercontinental Championship. In his previous attempts, he came close to clinching the title but fell short on both occasions. The first opportunity slipped away after Zayn, the reigning champion at the time, managed to retain his title against Gable. Following that defeat, Gable took a different approach by turning heel and targeting members of the Alpha Academy, including Otis, Maxxine, and Tozawa. Despite his villainous tactics, Gable’s second attempt at the championship in a triple threat match also ended in disappointment, with Zayn emerging victorious once again with an inadvertent assist from Otis.

If Gable emerges victorious at Clash at the Castle, it would mark a significant milestone in his WWE career as he would secure his first singles title in the company. While he has previously tasted success as a tag team champion on four occasions, the Intercontinental Championship has remained elusive for him. Notably, Gable’s most recent title reign came as part of the “WWE Raw” Tag Team Championship alongside Otis in 2022, showcasing his ability to excel in the tag team division.

As fans eagerly await the Clash at the Castle event to witness the high-stakes showdown between Chad Gable and Sami Zayn, the confirmation of Gable’s contract renewal adds an intriguing layer of anticipation to the upcoming match. With both competitors undoubtedly determined to emerge victorious, the clash for the Intercontinental Championship promises to be a must-see spectacle for WWE fans around the world.