In 2022, Michael “Jared” Trainor, a California surfer, shared his harrowing experience of surviving a great white shark attack. As he headed out to a rugged beach in Ferndale, California, during Sharktober, the time when sharks are more prevalent along the coastline, Trainor felt a sense of unease due to the shark presence in the area. Despite his apprehension, he paddled out into the water, only to be hit by the shark.

Trainor described feeling a large black silhouette under the water before the attack. The shark latched onto his leg and board, but Trainor managed to kick the shark, causing it to release him. With his board pinned beneath the shark’s lower jaw, Trainor made his way back to shore, where he discovered the extent of his injuries.

After being rushed to the hospital and undergoing surgery for six lacerations across his inner thigh, a torn MCL, and bone penetration, Trainor embarked on a challenging journey of physical therapy. Despite the trauma, he eventually returned to surfing, determined to overcome the fear and PTSD caused by the attack.

Trainor now surfs with a group of friends, ensuring they have each other’s backs in the water. He considers himself fortunate to have survived the attack and is grateful for the progress he has made in his recovery. Trainor’s resilience and determination serve as a testament to the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.