British triathlon star Joe Skipper is gearing up for a crucial race this weekend in Cairns, Queensland, as he looks to revive his season after a rocky start. The 36-year-old athlete will be competing in the IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship, marking his second full-distance race of the year following a disappointing performance at IRONMAN Texas in April.

Skipper, currently ranked 79th in the IRONMAN Pro Series standings, knows that this race in Australia is a make-or-break opportunity for him to climb the rankings and stay competitive. Expressing the significance of this event in a recent YouTube video, Skipper emphasized the importance of delivering a strong performance in Cairns to keep his season alive and have a shot at the series title.

Over the past year and a half, Skipper has experienced ups and downs in his triathlon journey, from winning at IRONMAN Lake Placid to facing setbacks in races like Ibiza, Nice, and Texas. With aspirations to contend for the IRONMAN Pro Series title, Skipper acknowledges the pressure on him to deliver a solid race in Cairns and showcase his capabilities against a stacked field of competitors.

One area where Skipper has been focusing on improvement is his swim performance, which has historically been a challenge for him. Working with coach Billy Harris, Skipper has addressed technical flaws in his stroke and has already seen positive results in his swim times. By making adjustments tailored to his individual needs rather than chasing a textbook technique, Skipper has gained confidence in his swimming abilities and looks forward to putting his progress to the test on race day.

While Skipper admits that he would have preferred more race opportunities to refine his swim skills before Cairns, he remains optimistic about the gains he has made with Harris’ guidance. By honing his stroke mechanics and shaving off precious seconds per 100 meters in the water, Skipper hopes to translate his improved swimming performance into a competitive edge during the upcoming race.

As Skipper prepares to take on the challenge in Cairns, he is fueled by the pressure to excel and the motivation to prove himself on the global triathlon stage. With his sights set on a strong showing in Australia, Skipper aims to turn his season around and elevate his standing in the IRONMAN Pro Series rankings with a standout performance this weekend.