“The onion is closed and poor frost,” said Miguel Hernández. One of two: either the poet didn’t know anything about onions, or I don’t understand anything about poetry, which is the most likely. The truth is that the onion is very good.

If we go a little further back in history, the Greeks believed that the outer layers of the onion were made of pure gold and thus they revered this delicious vegetable. I don’t know much about classical Greece either, but let’s say that I feel closer to the Hellenes than to the bard from Alicante.

A caramelized onion (a little olive oil, onion and a lot of time over low heat, stirring occasionally) is so excellent that in all the fine restaurants in the world there is someone exclusively dedicated to this apparently humble but vital task.

The onion provides flavor, texture, aromas and in some cases even color when used properly. Few ingredients of such humble origin and at such an affordable price contribute so much to the kitchen. And it’s even good for your health, according to people who know about it.

In this week’s menu we will use some onions. In addition, I bring you, as always, three servings of legumes, two of fish, one vegetarian option per day and the

Elaborations with stir-fry

Elaborations to the fire

cold preparations