Epson, a leading provider of professional printing technology, has collaborated with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) to host the ASEAN International Fashion Week (AIFW) at the prestigious ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The event aims to highlight the diverse styles and creativity in the ASEAN region while promoting environmentally conscious textile printing.

The Epson Runway Show featured designs from 11 talented designers from AFDS, showcasing sustainable fashion through Epson’s digital textile printing technology. Each designer used Epson’s SureColor series printers to bring their unique pieces to life, demonstrating how innovation and technology can drive eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry.

During the event, Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director at Epson Southeast Asia, shared insights on Epson’s collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato. The collaboration showcased advancements in sustainable printed fabrics made possible by Epson’s solutions, emphasizing the potential for high-quality, eco-conscious fashion.

In addition to the runway showcases, Epson and AFDS organized a panel discussion on sustainability in the fashion and technology sectors. The session featured industry experts discussing Epson’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, including advancements in reducing water consumption and carbon emissions through their printing solutions.

Attendees at the event had the opportunity to explore Epson’s textile printers and purchase runway pieces at the pop-up store, providing a hands-on experience with the cutting-edge technology behind the innovative printers. Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing at Epson Singapore, emphasized the company’s dedication to driving positive change in the fashion industry through innovation and technology.

Hayden Ng, President Founder of AFDS, expressed excitement about the partnership with Epson and their shared vision for sustainable fashion practices. The collaboration aims to raise awareness and promote eco-conscious printing in the fashion community, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Overall, the ASEAN International Fashion Week showcased the intersection of fashion, technology, and sustainability, highlighting the importance of eco-friendly practices in the industry. Through collaborations like the one between Epson and AFDS, the fashion community can work towards a more sustainable and responsible future.