A new controversy related to the hospitality sector captures the attention of social networks. On this occasion, the controversy is served by an establishment that displays a sign on its door setting the times for customers to eat or drink each drink.

The poster in question has been shared by the Instagram profile @soycamareroo (415 thousand followers). Specifically, the sign specifies that customers have 25 minutes to have a beer, 20 minutes for a coffee, 35 minutes for some soft drinks and 40 minutes for a sandwich. As expected, the comments section of the publication has become a debate forum with disparity of opinions about this measure by the unknown establishment.

Of all the comments included in the publication, the one that accumulates the most ‘likes’ is that of a user who wrote: “I hope you have the overtime hours of your employees equally timed, to pay them as you should,” an opinion that almost a thousand likes.

Other users use humor, as is the case of someone who writes: “If I order a sandwich with beer, do the times add up or does only the highest count count?” “I go to a bar to relax, not to be stressed,” adds another.

A priori, the purpose of the sign is clear, to prevent customers from occupying a table or a place in the establishment for a long time with a small drink, which prevents the rotation of new customers who spend more. However, there are many people who point out that this idea will have the opposite effect: “Not spending four hours with a coffee or this. That sign is going to make them lose more customers than gain drinks. “I wouldn’t go in or I would stop going,” says one person.

Many others agree with this opinion, even those who work as waiters: “Regardless of the times, if I see that sign, I won’t even enter the premises. And I’m a waitress.” And another person adds: “I worked for many years in hospitality and I go to bars a lot, I never spend too much time with an empty drink because it makes me nervous, but be careful, if I see that sign, I won’t go in.”

Of course, as is often the case, there are also opinions in favor of the measure adopted by this establishment. A person indicates that “you go to the physio and you have some time. You go to the doctor and time. You go anywhere and time is valued. It cannot be that there are people on a terrace or bar table without ordering anything spending the afternoon,” clarifying that he is not dedicated to the hospitality industry.

Along the same lines, another user writes “fed up with people who spend more than an hour with coffee and now in summer occupying terraces… let’s see if we find out that if you want not to spend money and sit there, there are parks.”