The way tech is being used in businesses is changing quickly, and this is most obvious in healthcare. For example, AI becoming a part of healthcare is more than just a passing trend; it’s a major change that’s expected to grow a lot from 2023 to 2030. It will be able to improve how we look after patients, diagnose illnesses, and plan treatments.

The advantages of using tech in healthcare are varied. They include better health results for patients, more efficient hospital operations, and exciting new findings in medical research. This change marks the start of a new time where technology and healthcare come together, leading to big improvements in how we take care of patients and handle medical tasks.

In the middle of this big technology changeThe way tech is being used in businesses is changing quickly, and this is most obvious in healthcare, we have Chad Price, the CEO of MAKO Medical. Known for his strong leadership and fresh ideas in healthcare, one of his key achievements is making his testing lab bigger during the pandemic. This move shows not just his ability to see what’s coming but also his dedication to new technology in healthcare.

With his new venture, the MAKO Alliance, Chad Price combines his business skills with a real understanding of what healthcare needs. He recently announced that he will be partnering with Coqui Health to revolutionize the world of healthcare software.

The Benefits of Tech in Healthcare

First up, let’s take a look at why Chad Price is moving into the AI field with MAKO Alliance. Tech is changing healthcare for the better, improving many different areas. Here are the possible benefits.

Making Better Decisions and Being More Accurate: A big plus of tech in healthcare is how well it can look at lots of data and find important details. This is really helpful for doctors and nurses, helping them make better, more precise decisions.

Improving Patient Care and Support: Tech is also important for making patients happier and more involved in their care. It can answer questions and provide help right away, which takes some pressure off the healthcare team.

Changing Medical Training: Tech is also changing how medical professionals are trained. Programs like MAKO U show how AI is reshaping education in medicine. With new tools like virtual simulations and learning based on data, tech is making medical training better.

MAKO Alliance: Leading the Change in Healthcare

The MAKO Alliance, created by several laboratories, research, and pathology companies joining forces, is ready to make big changes in healthcare. This nationwide project aims to set up a complete reference lab in every state in the U.S. The goal of the MAKO Alliance is more than just growing in size; it’s about two main things – cutting healthcare costs and reaching more people.

This initiative is paving the way for a new level of healthcare, one that aims to make services smoother and available to more people. The impact of this project will be huge, changing the way healthcare services are given and organized. Most recently, the business has partnered with Coqui Health to change the way that laboratories utilize software and tech.

The Vision for the MAKO Alliance

The MAKO Alliance, led by a board of its members, draws parallels with other “super companies” that have revolutionized their respective industries.

The vision is a revolutionary shift in healthcare, drawing inspiration from the transformations witnessed in sectors like insurance and auto glass. This idea is grounded in a belief that the healthcare industry is ripe for a similar upheaval, one that leverages the power of consolidation and technology to deliver unprecedented efficiency and quality in healthcare services.

Operational Strategy of the MAKO Alliance

The way the MAKO Alliance works is complex but focused on making services better. A key part of this is Centralized Service Selection, which helps the Alliance offer consistent and efficient services across different states. Forming Strategic Partnerships with other companies and suppliers is also important to reduce costs. This includes working with companies like FedEx to save money and make the process smoother. This helps the Alliance operate more effectively and at a lower cost.

Benefits for Partner Businesses

For businesses that partner with the MAKO Alliance, there are big benefits. Joining the Alliance means they can reach more customers across the country, helping them grow and enter new markets. This growth isn’t just about reaching more places; it’s also about expanding the types of services they offer. By working with the Alliance, these businesses can focus on what they do best while using the resources and network of the Alliance. This partnership is good for both sides, helping to grow and bring new ideas to healthcare.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

The MAKO Alliance’s reach across the country gives it an advantage in finding and hiring talent. By having opportunities everywhere in the nation, the Alliance attracts many skilled people, which makes it stronger operationally. Being all over the country also means that employees have more chances to move around and grow in their careers within the Alliance. This focus on finding and developing talent shows the Alliance’s dedication to building a team that is both skilled and adaptable.

Impact on Research and Clinical Trials

In the area of research and clinical trials, the MAKO Alliance is set to be very important. It offers a wide range of services, from managing data to running trials, which puts it in a great position to help a lot with medical research. Being involved in this way is likely to speed up progress in medical science, contributing greatly to the development of new treatments and medical technology. Using the latest tech, thanks to Coqui Health, the business will have the chance to make trials more accurate and ensure that the data is collected and stored.

Expansion Plans

The MAKO Alliance’s plans to grow are very ambitious. It aims to open labs in all 50 states within three years, showing a fast pace of growth. This growth is not just about having more labs; it’s about creating major labs in different regions that will be centers of innovation and high-quality healthcare services. This bold growth plan highlights the Alliance’s commitment to changing how healthcare is delivered in the country, making it more efficient, reachable, and cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

Looking ahead at the future of healthcare, the partnership between MAKO Alliance and Coqui Health is a great example of how working together and coming up with new ideas can really change things. This alliance isn’t just about creating new software; it’s about changing the way patients experience healthcare and setting new standards for how efficient healthcare can be. With transformative leaders who combine tech know-how with a real understanding of what patients need, the future looks very promising.