This past Wednesday Pasapalabra has experienced one of its most climactic nights. After more than 150 programs pitted against each other, answering tough questions and facing tense challenges, the Contest Jackpot presented by Roberto Leal on Antena 3 has found an owner. Óscar Díaz, who until now had not managed to get more than 23 correct answers in the wheel, managed to guess the 25 words and win 1,816,000 euros.

The man from Madrid has had to face a complex round of words, focused on all areas of general culture and different aspects that are little known to those not familiar with reviewing a multitude of content for this type of challenges. The decisive answer, the one that would finally give him the prize, is related to German architecture and one of the most important sites of cultural interest in the north of the country.

“Last name of the architect who designed the Villa Wenhold, in the German city of Bremen,” was the question that ended up leading Oscar to glory. The correct answer turned out to be Fahrenkamp, ​​by Aachen-born creator Emil Fahrenkamp. Born in this town in the government district of Cologne in 1885, he designed the mansion as part of his work as a professor at the Düsseldorf academy.

Its builder was the then director of the Sparkasse (German savings bank) and future senator from Bremen Hermann Wenhold, who built it in 1927. “The two-story cubic building with the ground floor covered in clinker (synthetic granules) and The plastered upper floor, as well as a flat roof, is one of the first representatives of modern construction in Bremen,” explained the Loquis travel podcast.

Regarding Óscar, his time on Pasapalabra was not new to him, after having competed for the first time in 2000 when Silvia Jato was its presenter. Six years later, he would accumulate 100 installments of Saber y Ganar: “It is not the most splendid program in terms of budget, but they make up for that with treatment and affection that you do not find in more industrial programs. I remember that when they eliminated me in 2006 it was like they took away a toy from me. “It was an almost childish reaction.”

On June 4, 2018, he returned to participate in the Rosco space thanks to a special edition, Pasapalabra en familia. There he appeared with his wife Patricia and his sister Lucía and would end up winning a total of 198,000 euros. He was later on, in the program Boom! by Juanra Bonet, where Óscar would become known as a member of Los Dispersos and would show his personality in more detail in front of the cameras. There he would add 324 programs and 1,546,400 accumulated euros.