Looking for your ideal perfume for this summer? High temperatures, the incidence of the sun or even skin type are factors that you must take into account. With the arrival of heat, olfactory notes with a lower molecular load evaporate and are perceived more easily, while those that occupy the lowest positions in the olfactory pyramid can become too dense and even annoying. That is why it is recommended to accompany the change of season with a change of fragrance.

When we put perfume on our hair, hair or clothes, it evaporates through body temperature and expands thanks to the action of air. Thus, fragrances based on citrus or flowers are ideal for summer as they give off their aroma in an easy and subtle way. On the other hand, other ingredients such as musk or wood can cause certainly unpleasant odors.

According to this explanation, it is not surprising that summer fragrances constantly evoke freshness, the ocean breeze or the smell of seasonal flowers. Below, we detail the main groups of olfactory notes perfect for the summer season:

Additionally, notes of exotic fruits such as mango, passion fruit or papaya can be used, which provide a sweet and stimulating touch. In addition, dense notes such as amber are often used for night perfumes.

The sun is the main factor that influences the application of perfume. Perfumed skin is highly sensitive to direct sunlight, which could cause stains, irritation or even burns due to the alcohol content of fragrances. Other perfumes, especially citrus ones, may contain particles such as furanocoumarins, which are photosensitive and can cause dermatitis or allergic reactions.

Therefore, if you go to the beach or walk in the sun, it is recommended to put the perfume on your clothes, unless the manufacturer indicates that it can be exposed to sunlight. If not, the ideal way to apply perfume is to create a mist in the air and immerse yourself in it, always after a shower and in a cool, ventilated place.

When choosing a fragrance, also keep these tips in mind: