Dopamine decoration is a trend that seeks to make a room transmit joy and improve the mood through composition. This is achieved by letting creativity and originality take the reins, opting for bright colors and striking prints that combine with each other.

In dopamine decoration, more is more, taking the risk of mixing colorful decorative elements: wallpaper and printed textiles, flowers, decorations in the shape of animals, fruits or natural motifs such as a rainbow… Bold furniture with sinuous shapes instead of Right angles are also well received, so that the room is more welcoming and there is fluidity in the space.

In addition, elements such as mirrors, lights, neon or even a disco ball help the decoration inspire that mood boost that dopamine decoration pursues. So that you can adapt this trend to your home, we suggest a series of furniture and decorative accessories that will give the most cheerful touch wherever you place them.

The Dassia headboard from Kenay Home is shaped like waves, thus contributing to a more fluid image of the space. In addition, the combination of white and blue also adds to the originality. Combine it with colorful bedding and bright prints for an even more cheerful composition.

At El Corte Ingl├ęs we find this mirror coffee table, very original and ideal for making the room appear larger and brighter. Place special decorative details on top, such as coffee table books, colorful candles, or a vase of flowers.

Flowers in themselves are an element very consistent with dopamine decoration, but even more so if you place them in a fun vase, like this lemon-shaped one from Tiger.

Here is a sofa that will give the most ideal touch of color to your living room, in bubblegum pink, also in line with the Barbie-core aesthetic that made its mark last year as a result of the movie Barbie and has not stopped being a trend since so.

What better happy note in the decoration of a space than the rays of the sun inside the house. This golden metal sun-shaped mirror will look perfect on a wall accompanied by other decorative motifs, such as paintings, prints or neon.

Ikea’s rainbow-shaped Pillemark doormat will add lots of color and help give your home that cheerful mood before you even cross the doorstep.