Can you imagine having permanent views of a garden, even in the middle of winter or living in an apartment? This is possible thanks to the eternal gardens. This original decorative concept is an autonomous and self-sustaining ecosystem encapsulated in a container where the conditions for its maintenance are created. These mini gardens are usually housed in terrariums, fish tanks or any other closed glass container with substrate and plants with sufficient humidity for a perennial water cycle to develop.

In eternal gardens, plants absorb water from the substrate, which evaporates due to the effect of light and heat. This creates condensation on the walls of the container, thanks to which water returns to the substrate. In this way, biological balance is guaranteed, since plants carry out photosynthesis and microorganisms provide nutrients by decomposing organic matter.

To create your own eternal garden, you need a series of essential elements that require a minimum financial investment:

Although eternal gardens are designed to be developed with minimal external intervention, there are a series of factors that you must take into account for their correct maintenance. For example, the ideal place to place it is one where it receives abundant indirect sunlight. Direct exposure could cause greenhouse effect and damage plants.

The balance between humidity and ventilation is another fundamental aspect, so you should water it moderately to avoid puddles and excess condensation. Do not overload the terrarium and observe the development of the plants to perform pruning or cleaning when necessary.