For many, washing machines represent the most difficult appliance in the home to understand due to the variety of options and programs that most of those on the market currently have. So the most common is simply to resort to the simplest and that never fails: the economic mode. However, this not only means wasting the full potential of this device, but also one of the mistakes when putting the washing machine on. Each wash needs a specific program.

Although the diversity of washing machine programs can be overwhelming, the reality is that mastering them is much easier than it may seem when you see so many names on your control panel. Once its different uses have been deciphered and clarified, you can learn to wash each type of garment optimally. In this way, together with an appropriate choice of cleaning products, the clothes will last much longer as they were fresh from the store.

Put the clothes in the drum, place the products and move the circular control to the usual program. It has almost become a reflex in many homes. However, with this brief guide there will no longer be an excuse when it comes to taking advantage of everything that the washing machine has to offer its owner.