Hooligan television returns to the homes of Spain. Today, after almost a year since the new Mediaset leadership put an end to Sálvame, some of its workers have returned to the small screen with the help of Adrián Madrid and Óscar Cornejo.

On a new channel that they have named ‘Canal Quickie’, Belén Esteban, Víctor Sandoval, Kiko Matamoros, María Patiño and Lydia Lozano, among others, have started Ni que fuerámos Shhh, a space dedicated to the gossip press where they do not exist filters or censorship and where you can talk about everything and everyone openly.

As it could not be otherwise, one of the collaborators who has been most excited about the premiere has been Víctor Sandoval. The former Survivor and Big Brother VIP contestant has shown the audience that he is more eager than ever and has thanked his colleagues, fans and friends for the support he has received in recent days.

Although this is the first episode of the program, the collaborators have not messed around and have dedicated a series of live taunts to the Campos family. Lozano, Esteban and Patiño have declared that they are very hurt with Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos for not wishing them luck with the new entertainment space, as well as for their attitude in recent weeks. However, Kiko Matamoros has exploded against Alejandra Rubio, taking all the limelight of the moment.

To find out a little more about the situation, the program has asked its collaborators to call the Campos sisters live. When one of the workers pointed out that Borrego may not have caught him because he was working on Así es la vida, Sandoval responded by making a mistake.

”Well, let him take it, we picked up the phone live in Sálvame,” he declared. As soon as he pronounced the name of the old program, the communicator tried to save the situation and made the gesture of silence several times (”shhh”). To get out of the tense moment, Belén Esteban advised her to say the word in English (save me), but she got confused with the pronunciation: ”Shell me, sheir me”.

As they publicly acknowledged in the program this afternoon, Mediaset España yesterday prohibited them from using the name Sálvame in their title, so the space has changed its name from Ni que fuerámos Sálvame to Ni que fuerámos Shhh.

Far from spoiling the content of the magazine, the name change has given them a lot of play when it comes to talking about it, reacting to different news, sowing jokes between them, etc.