Today Ni que fueéramos Shhh premiered on the Quickie Channel, the new heart program produced by Adrián Madrid and Óscar Cornejo that has rescued some of the audience’s favorite faces from the ‘media strike’.

Víctor Sandoval, María Patiño, Kiko Matamoros, Belén Esteban and Lydia Lozano have been the protagonists of this first episode of the program. Excited and nervous, the workers have started with great enthusiasm and excitement.

As soon as the program began broadcasting, hundreds of viewers have acknowledged on social networks that they are very happy with the format, since although it takes place in a more modest setting, the collaborators are speaking without censorship or filters, something they could not do in a communication group like Mediaset.

One of the workers who has spoken the most in this episode is Kiko Matamoros, who has been very displeased with the Campos clan and who has publicly declared war on Alejandra Rubio.

Coto Matamoros’ brother has declared that he feels absolutely ”betrayed” by Alejandra Rubio, a young woman whom he came to consider ”his friend”. Visibly hurt, the collaborator did not hesitate to threaten Terelu Campos’ daughter: “I have conversations about you that have been passed on to me.” Furthermore, he has pointed out to the audience that he has ”ammunition to undo it.”

Kiko Matamoros has spoken about a series of recordings that he has to his credit, which would not leave Rubio very well. Supposedly, the young woman had a great relationship with the Matamoros family, but, for opportunistic reasons, she decided to radically change her mind and approach Makoke. ”I have been given recordings of her (calling other people dirty),” she declared.

The viewers of the Quickie channel space have been frozen by the collaborator’s speech, since it is not easy to see Matamoros “hurt” and “sad” with the actions of a professional colleague.

While all this was happening in the new entertainment space of the heart, Terelu’s daughter was live on Telecinco in the program Así es la vida, an opportunity that the young woman has not taken advantage of to respond. Despite the silence of María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter, Víctor Sandoval has declared in Ni que fuerámos Shhh that a source has told him that Rubio would be very angry with Matamoros and that she would have expressed that she also has many things (evidence) against him.