The first part of the third season of The Bridgertons will hit our screens next Thursday, May 16, but the second batch of episodes will not land on Netflix until almost a month later, more specifically on June 13.

When the work was released on the aforementioned streaming platform, the series became one of the most viewed fictions on the entire planet. However, its consolidation came with the publication of its second season, which broke records and confirmed that it has a legion of fans on par with very few projects.

There is great expectation for the development of these new episodes, since they focus on the romance between two of the most striking characters in the ‘Bridgerton universe’: Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (played by Luke Newton). Fans of the series know this couple by the nickname Polin, a kind of mixture of the two names.

”The new season will be about two characters who somehow come out of the shadows (…) Colin as the third child who has been in the background and Penelope as Lady Whistledown, living this dual identity. Seeing them come to light and finding each other will be very gratifying,” the creator explained about the season to Jess Brownell in an interview she gave some time ago to Variety.

In this new season, the aforementioned characters (and therefore, the actors who play them) face a series of erotic and sexual situations to which they were not accustomed.

However, in the different interviews and events they have attended together, both have stated that they have felt comfortable at all times because they share great chemistry. ”’At first, it was really intimidating, but because there is trust… it was like ‘let’s do it,” Coughlan explained in an interview for the British magazine Closer. It should be noted that the actors had an intimacy coordinator during filming, a figure who helped them a lot.

As we all know, the successful series is based on the novels by Julia Quinn. The first two seasons correspond to the first two books of the saga, but, in the third part, the creators of the fiction have decided to take a leap and narrate what happens in the fourth, the fourth volume, Seducing Mr. Bridgerton.

The creators have made it clear that they are very happy with having challenged the order of the novels (although this may upset many fans of the readings), since they think it is the perfect time to delve deeper into the relationship that Penelope Featherington and Colin have. Bridgerton.