Dulce Delapiedra, known for her role as Isa Pantoja’s nanny and her close relationship with Isabel Pantoja, has broken her silence in an exclusive interview with the magazine ‘Lecturas’, where she has shared the distressing details of her current life. At 56 years old, she faces an emotional, financial and health crisis that has taken her to the limit of her strength. In a heartbreaking story, she reveals that she has fallen into chronic depression since her days in Marbella with the Pantoja family.

“I have herniated discs in my cervical, dorsal and lumbar discs, I have broken ribs and fibromyalgia. I have a lot of anxiety. I would like to go with my mother. I have chronic depression since I lived in Marbella with Isabel Pantoja. I have lived a life that did not belong to me. I have not fulfilled myself as a person, I have given myself body and soul to others. I worked for her for 30 years. She earned very little, 30,000 pesetas, and she spent it on them,” says Dulce in the interview conducted by Luis Pliego.

According to Luis Pliego, director of the magazine ‘Lecturas’, Dulce Delapiedra’s life is “bitter” at the moment, and her mental health began to suffer during her time in Marbella, which led her to her current situation. Ella delapiedra confesses to having thought about suicide and having experienced traumas that have affected her deeply: “I have thought about dying,” she acknowledged.

Regarding the economic aspect, Delapiedra faces problems with the Treasury due to poor management of the money he earned in ‘Survivientes’, according to Pliego. Furthermore, he reveals that he has received demands from Isabel Pantoja’s entourage. Despite his minimal income, Delapiedra does not blame anyone for his situation, recognizing that he earned little and invested it in gifts for Isa Pantoja.

“What I had has been taken by the Treasury. I receive a subsidy of 480 euros, it doesn’t even give me enough to pay the 730 euros of rent,” laments Dulce, reflecting the difficult economic situation that she currently faces.

In an interview conducted by Pliego, Delapiedra confesses to having taken pills to stop living and to having experienced anxiety and fear of the future. She reveals that she suffered abuse while working for Pantoja and developed several serious illnesses, including herniated discs, broken ribs and fibromyalgia.

The Pantojas’ former nanny accuses Isabel Pantoja of having been the origin of her current problems, confessing to having lived a life that did not belong to her and not having fulfilled herself as a person. However, despite everything, Delapiedra continues to defend Isa Pantoja, whom she considers her daughter and whom she assures that “she just needed to give birth.”