AVROTROS, the Dutch television network in charge of the Netherlands’ Eurovision delegation, has described the elimination of its country’s representative as “disproportionate.”

The station has immediately responded to the decision of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which announced this morning that Joost Klein has been removed from the festival while the complaint filed against him by an employee of the organization is investigated.

“We believe that the disqualification is excessive and we are shocked by the decision. We deeply regret this and we will address this issue later,” the chain said in a brief statement published on social networks.

AVROTROS has provided details about the incident between the singer and a camera operator. “Clearly against what was agreed, Joost was recorded just after leaving the stage and while he was running towards the waiting room. At that point, Joost reiterated that he did not want to be recorded. This request was not respected.”

“This caused a threatening reaction from Joost towards the camera,” explained the Dutch network, highlighting that “Joost did not touch the camera operator.”

“The incident was reported, an investigation was initiated by the EBU and the police. Yesterday and today, we have discussed and proposed numerous solutions with the EBU. However, despite our efforts, the EBU has decided to disqualify Joost Klein,” continues AVROTROS, reiterating that the sanction “is severe and disproportionate.” “While we defend courtesy – to avoid misunderstandings in this regard – from our point of view, expulsion is not a proportionate measure.”

According to the EBU, a staff member of the organization has filed a complaint for “inappropriate behavior” against him. “Given that the legal process is ongoing, it would not be appropriate for you to continue participating in the competition,” argues the EBU, which claims to “maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate behavior” and is “committed to providing a safe working environment.” for all staff.”

The organization considers that Joost Klein’s conduct towards a staff worker constitutes “a violation of the contest rules.”