The television presenter María Teresa Campos died this morning, leaving behind a country broken by the loss of one of the greatest communication references in the history of the small screen.

The ‘queen of mornings’ was admitted to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital in Madrid on Sunday, September 3, after suffering acute respiratory failure, an episode from which she has not been able to recover.

Although she had been in the Madrid medical center for a couple of days, the communicator had been suffering for months from a more than obvious cognitive deterioration that was doing her a lot of damage, but that was also affecting her relatives, since she stopped being the woman they knew.

Already in the month of May, Terelu Campos spoke of her mother in her Lecturas blog: ”Unfortunately, at this time, she is no longer what she was. For this reason, I spend my life asking the media to respect a person who can no longer decide for herself.”

If the journalist from Malaga has always been characterized by something, in addition to her good work and the communicative footprint she has left in our country, it is because she is a family woman who gives herself one hundred percent to her loved ones.

Due to the great relationship they shared, their relatives have had a very hard time in the last year. It has been very hard for them to see how the matriarch of Las Campos was fading little by little. It should also be noted that the strong bond that unites them is what has made María Teresa leave this world surrounded by countless people who loved and admired her.

Although Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos were two fundamental pillars in the life of María Teresa Campos, the communicator lost her three grandchildren, whom she loved with all her soul, as she made clear on numerous occasions.

José María Almoguera and Carmen Rosa Almoguera (33 and 30 years old respectively, sons of Carmen Borrego) and Alejandra Rubio (23 years old, daughter of Terelu Campos) came into the life of the journalist to fill her with joy, since she felt absolute devotion to they.

It should be noted that José María had not spoken to Borrego for months due to a public discussion they had and that, despite this, the young man did not hesitate and went to the hospital to accompany his mother in these difficult moments and to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother.