Amazon Prime Video always bets on original content and, on this occasion, joins the true crime fever with a new title: Nahir, based on the true story of Nahir Galarza, the youngest woman convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in Argentina .

The platform is surprising by taking one of the most controversial cases in recent years, since there is no one who was not aware of the prison fate of Nahir, who at 19 years old was being tried for the murder of her boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizzo, which has not yet been revealed. knows if it was a crime of passion or an unsolved mystery. 

It all started in 2018, when 19-year-old Nahir Galarza (played by Valentina Zenere in the film) became the youngest woman sentenced to life in prison in the South American country after being accused of killing her boyfriend, Fernando, in cold blood. Pastorizzo.

Pastorizzo’s murder was committed on December 29, 2017, around 5 in the morning. The young man, 20 years old, was found on a street in Gualeguaychú, a city in the east of the country and close to the border with Uruguay; with a shot in the back and another in the chest, next to his motorcycle and two bullet helmets lying on the ground.

Nahir and Pastorizzo had been in a relationship since 20212. The young woman was consulted mainly as a witness, and she stated that she had seen the victim the night before the crime. However, several indications against her led to her arrest. Her second statement led her to be considered the main suspect in the murder, and Nahir then acknowledged that she had “accidentally” killed her boyfriend with the gun of her father, Marcelo Galarza, a police officer. ”.

After the murder, Nahir would have walked home, and left his father’s gun on the refrigerator again, the same place where he left it every night. Then he went to sleep.

Nahir was sentenced to life imprisonment, becoming the youngest woman to receive this sentence in the country. The case generated a great commotion in Argentina, especially when in 2022, after four years in prison, Nahir denounced that her own father was the true author of Pastorizzo’s murder and not her.

According to Nahir, on the day of the murder he had seen his father arrive home in his car at full speed. In his story, Pastorizzo was scared and caused him to fall off the motorcycle, which caused the police officer to get out of the car holding his service weapon and, after an exchange of words with Pastorizzo, kill him with two shots. The Gualeguaychú prosecutor’s office rejected his testimony after considering that the case had already been analyzed and judged.

Nahir Galarza was sentenced to life in prison, but in Argentina it means that his sentence is 35 years, so he could be released from prison in 2052. At the moment, all of his appeals have been denied.

This film version, which focuses on the different versions that were detailed in the police report and which Prime Video premieres worldwide, features not only Zenere as the protagonist, but also a cast including César Bordón (Stolen Lives ) as Nahir’s father, Nacho Gadano (Diary of a Gigolo) and Simón Hempe (The Snow Society), who plays Pastorizzo.