There is not a week in which there is not a Mercadona beauty product that sweeps TikTok. The Valencian supermarket chain sweeps sales with the different items in its Perfumery section, from its lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes from the spring collection to the creams and treatments that promise great results at a very affordable price.

In recent days there have been several users of the platform who have been delighted with some Botox-effect ampoules that the company put on sale last year and which have now become fashionable again. These are the Tensor Effect Sisbela Reafirm facial spray flash ampoules from Delipus.

This product, suitable for all skin types, makes the skin look much more hydrated, firm and luminous in just one application. Thanks to its spray format, the tightening effect is enhanced in just a few seconds, making it a great ally to use at important events.

These ampoules are formulated with proteoglycans, a natural active ingredient that helps slow aging; hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin before makeup and vitamin C, an essential ingredient to provide light to the face. The product also contains collagen that helps increase skin hydration and elasticity.

In addition, its format is very comfortable to carry in your bag and be able to use it anytime, anywhere, when you want to show off luminous skin. It is recommended to use it on the skin and neck right after cleansing and then apply moisturizer and makeup. They should be shaken, poured onto the palm of the hand and spread the product in a circular motion.

This anti-aging treatment is sold in a pack with two units of 4ml each. Its price is 2.50 euros, an amount that has caused many girls to have already sold out of the vials in stores.