Borja Iglesias has become one of the most popular footballers in recent days. The forward has starred together with his partner Aitor Ruibal in one of the most commented photographs on social networks.

The two soccer players attended a mutual friend’s wedding a few days ago. But what caught the most attention was the accessory that they both decided to take to the celebration of their friend, a bag.

Both Iglesias and Ruibal appeared in the photo with a bag in hand. The Betis striker wore an exclusive Dior design of around 3,500 euros, which pays homage to Monsieur Dior’s passion for flowers. While Aitor Ruibal wore a Chanel capsule bag. Undoubtedly, two exclusive designs from major fashion brands with a high purchasing value.

The image of the two with the accessory went viral on social networks and many criticized the footballers for the simple fact of carrying a bag. For this reason, the Betis athletes did not hesitate to show their faces on their social networks. ”I want to underline the need, once and for all, to normalize and live together, rejecting and moving away from any type of phobia, to make it possible to live normally in our society,” published Aitor Ruibal.

Borja Iglesias, for his part, also wrote a statement on his social networks. “Every time these types of situations occur in reference to the phobias that still exist, they give me the strength to continue fighting so that everyone can do and enjoy themselves and others as they really want,” said the striker.

Despite all the commotion that was formed on social networks by the images, the Betis striker has once again publicly stressed that he is going to wear and wear what he likes best, regardless of the opinion of others. Iglesias shared a new image with his followers a few hours ago in which he can be seen walking through the countryside with a black shoulder bag.

This is not the first time that we can see the striker wearing a bag. In several of his publications on his Instagram profile, we have been able to observe how this complement has become an essential in his day-to-day life.