Natalia Rodríguez Gallego, better known as Natalia, is one of the most popular Spanish artists on the country’s music scene. The woman from Cádiz was selected in 2001 to enter the most famous music academy on television, Operación Triunfo. A fact that changed her life forever, since since then she has not stopped working in the world of music or television.

With six albums on the market and a long professional career on the small screen, the Andalusian visited Cadena Ser last week to talk about her time on the Spanish Television contest, her role as a presenter and her surprising anecdotes with the Backstreet Boys .

The singer left the presenter speechless by confessing that she had had several encounters with one of the members of the famous musical band, Nick Carter. ”The first of them was at an MTV party in Barcelona. She was with Chenoa at a party for her record company, which was the same as the Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter’s,’ she began by saying.

”I saw him in a bar, he was my platonic love, my crush. I went towards him and stood next to him. And he told me something that I didn’t understand very well, but that I didn’t like at all. He didn’t mess with me, it was indecent. And I took it and went to Chenoa and told him “I didn’t like what he told me,” he explained.

But the chance meetings with the member of the Backstreet Boys did not end there. ”Then I met him at a sound check that Tony Aguilar invited me to. They had done a giveaway with a bunch of fans and I asked Tony to let me see them. “He got me into the sound check with the fans,” he said. The artist stood at the back of the venue to be able to see the musical group better and catch her attention. ”I came from TV, with high heels, a red shirt. “I looked like I had super curly hair,” she said.

Shortly after, Nick Carter noticed her presence and called the singer to tell her something. ”I was talking to them and I didn’t take any photos because I thought ‘I’m a singer, your partner here in Spain.” Then he told me to go to her dressing room to show me some models. But when he was leaving, one of his bodyguards appeared. “He looked me up and down, saw that I had no accreditation and kicked me out,” he explained.