The moment you become famous, there is something you miss almost immediately: anonymity. Going out and being recognized is good, but not being able to do the things you did before or take two steps without someone asking for something, not so much. Many of the famous young people in Spain must think that, because they have devised more than one way to have fun without being seen.

At least, that is what the influencer Marina Rivers has given to understand to the singer Naiara Moreno, her last guest on ¿Do you know it?, to whom she revealed the existence of a “celebrity mansion” where influencers meet to, basically, have a good time without being seen.

A mansion that does not give the name, but that seems to be known by everyone who is anyone, “influencers, actors and singers”; which served as a meeting point for private and very exclusive celebrations.

“There was a house called [—] which is a party house, where parties were held… It was an empty mansion, with nothing. There was only the mansion, there was not a single piece of furniture,” explains the influencer, who then reveals that what was being celebrated was something like “a big celebrity party.”

“We each left with our alcohol, like super mega shabby; and then we were all in the mansion. There were people there… And of course, mobile phones were prohibited,” he confesses, explaining the strict security measures of the meeting, which safeguarded the privacy of its attendees to the extreme.

“It was like being anonymous again at a party surrounded by super cool people,” remembers Rivers, who tells his guest that she has missed it. “You don’t know the things that happened. There were very murky things there. You could vomit in the corners, no one would record you.”

As expected, social media users began trying to find out where that secret celebrity mansion was located. Many placed their bets, while others, for their part, assured that there were other mansions of these spread throughout Spain.

“I went with a friend who had quite a few followers, and it was crazy,” says a user on TikTok. “He is real,” says another user, who even names celebrities like Ester Expósito, Aitana or Pol Granch.

We do not know if Marina Rivers will be invited to these secret parties again after having revealed their existence, but a TikTok user is already warning her that these “celebrity parties” are still being held, even though she is not aware of it. “They keep making them, but they don’t invite you, Marina,” she warns him. “Because of a big mouth.”