This week the schism that has come over the Catholic Church due to some Poor Clare nuns who have decided to abandon it to follow in the footsteps of an excommunicated bishop named Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco has caused quite a media earthquake. A rebellion that they decided to do after claiming that they are suffering harassment from their superiors.

And they have publicly denounced that they are not allowed to sell a convent, property of the church, but that they use, to be able to buy one in better conditions. After this, there have been interviews with both the ‘bishop’ and the nuns, who have not hesitated to affirm that they deny the Pope. And this controversy is driving the people of Belorado upside down.

The Let’s see program has gone to a bar in town to ask the neighbors how they are taking what is happening and the headlines that are being formed. “How could we imagine that some closed-minded nuns who dedicate themselves to praying and who are lifelong Roman Apostolic Catholics, suddenly belong to a sect of a man who, when you hear him speak… is in the hills of Úbeda,” Mercedes has related.

And if several neighbors agree on something, it is that they did not imagine that this could happen in their town and they are worried about the image that is being left over them. “I know that years ago there was a very good relationship with the nuns, they were very nice, and suddenly a few years ago things changed. They were more closed,” he added.

Likewise, Mercedes wanted to put on the table her opinion of the new Abbess, who she considers one of the culprits of the nuns’ change: “She thinks that in these communities the one who rules, rules, and the others are taught to obey. In nuns you have to obey.”

And it is clear that perhaps not everyone agrees with these latest decisions. “If they had explained well what trouble they were getting themselves into, please,” he added. Furthermore, he has stated that Pablo de Rojas “is hilarious”: “I call him Jesus Christ Superstar because he is going to take Jesus Christ’s place.”

Some opinions shared by the owner of the bar, Raúl. “There is no talk of anything else. It is such a great expectation that all WhatsApp groups talk about the same thing. “Older people are worried about the mass and the chocolates,” he revealed, making it clear that this is “bad” for the people.

“We have other very good things. What is happening is inexplicable,” she stated forcefully. “This whole framework that has been created around the convent is being a bit turbulent regarding what is going to happen and what they can do,” she added.