‘The Churches. Let’s get to work’ is one of the most unique proposals in TVE’s programming for the coming months. This reform format is led by Chábeli and Julio José Iglesias.

Julio Iglesias’ children will dedicate themselves to renovating the homes of various celebrities in the eight episodes of the first season, recorded between Miami and Madrid. Now, the budget assigned to the works planned by the public corporation has been revealed.

The first season of ‘Los Iglesias. Let’s get to work’ has involved a total expense of 1,957,319.88 euros. This translates into a cost of 244,664.99 euros per chapter.

According to the program’s budget breakdown, €500,000 is allocated to paying the artistic staff, which includes the two presenters. The figures that Chábeli and Julio José receive are different, as detailed in the budget attached to the contract signed with the production company, with a higher salary for her.

Chábeli receives a salary of 28,000 euros per episode, while his brother Julio José earns 13,000 euros per episode. In total, this represents 328,000 euros of the 500,000 mentioned above, with 224,000 euros for the interior designer and 104,000 euros for the singer and occasional presenter.

In addition, Beta Spain will allocate 103,200 euros in travel, subsistence and food, 145,200 euros in scenery and 793,093.98 euros in technical equipment, among other expenses. RTVE clarifies that these figures are subject to the final settlement of expenses upon completion of production, so the amounts may vary.

Isabel Preysler, Arancha Sánchez Vicario, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Luis Fonsi, Beatriz Luengo y Yotuel, Ana Obregón, Norma Duval and Omar Montes are the celebrities who will request the services of the Iglesias this season.

In each episode, the brothers will receive an assignment from one of these personalities and must complete it successfully.