The Netflix series The Asunta Case has not only brought back to the news one of the most high-profile crimes in Galicia and Spain, but has also put it back in the media spotlight. After the premiere of the fiction starring Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa, numerous new information has been published in the media.

And this is what has caused the house where Asunta Basterra Porto was murdered at the age of 12 to become a point of interest. “Since the series premiered, there have been night visits to the house and the neighbors are fed up with this stupid and macabre tourism,” said Patricia Pardo in Let’s See.

The aforementioned program has put on the table that this house has become “a place that can be found anywhere in the world.” And if the “keywords” are entered into a geolocator, such as Google Maps, a point appears with the name ‘Basterra-Porto chalet’. “It has become a tourist attraction,” said reporter Carmen Chao.

For this reason, the neighbors have publicly denounced that both day and night numerous curious people come to visit the house, and even to enter it when the door is open. So much so, that they have not hesitated to record images of what happened.

“Yes, it is true that a lot of people pass by, a lot of morbidity. Many cars pass by… to look,” said a neighbor, who preferred to hide her face. “Yes, more people are coming. In fact, we came on purpose from school to see him,” said another, who had recently found out that Teo’s house was in that place.

According to the journalist, it is a “very quiet” area with “very few neighbors,” some of them arrived “after the murder and who did not know the specific location where this house was located.”

The aforementioned space has been able to interview a man who lives near the place and who has not hesitated to speak openly about what he has seen inside. “I was expecting something more monumental, bigger, more of a mansion, not so hidden and abandoned. I came out of curiosity and because of the proximity of the house,” he said. “It was a pretty strong discovery having it just a few meters away,” he added.

“They tell us that there are still toys that could belong to the little girl and that, above all, there are a lot of machinery, agricultural vehicles, a couple of cars and belongings that could belong to the family,” the reporter explained shortly after. Given this, the neighbors ask that measures be taken and that this movement of people in a town that until now was quiet end.