The case of Daniel Sancho has become one of the most discussed topics in the press in recent months. After several weeks of trial, the Thai judge who will be in charge of handing down the sentence for the crime of Edwin Arrieta has postponed his final decision until August 29. Until then, the parties have time to verify the translations made in the documents.

And if it seemed that no more related matters could come up in all this time, Rodolfo Sancho, father of the accused, has reported being the victim of extortion by a person who was going to be a key witness during the sessions and who finally kicked himself out. backwards.

“Rodolfo Sancho is contacted by an individual who claims to have been a victim of Edwin Arrieta and from there a relationship begins that has led to Rodolfo accusing this guy of being an alleged fraudster and with the guy accusing Rodolfo of having wanted buy their testimony”, Joaquín Prat explained in Let’s see as a summary.

This person is Nilson, a Venezuelan who contacted the actor to offer his testimony. And in 2021 he filed a complaint against Edwin Arrieta for alleged death threats. A document to which the aforementioned program has had access and on which fingerprints and an official seal appear.

Upon receiving this complaint, the team of Rodolfo and Daniel Sancho got to work to manage the entire witnessing process, contributing several thousand euros. Among them are 850 euros for notary fees, 600 to renew the passport or more than 2,000 euros for flights. A list that has been seen in the aforementioned space.

And it is in Let’s see where they have exclusively exposed the messages that Rodolfo and Nilson exchanged, and that would demonstrate the actor’s words. Among other things, the Venezuelan can be seen asking for money for an “urgent” operation for his father.

“Hello Nilson. I’m really sorry about your father, I’m really sorry. You can easily use part of the money that you had to return to Carmen and Ramón. I hope he recovers soon,” replied the actor. After this, other requests for money came, such as $9,000 to be able to buy an “apartment at a very good price.” At that moment, Sancho decided to turn off the tap.

“I have to stay a little away from talking to possible witnesses. And I’m not going to deceive you, I’m in financial trouble,” she replied. As they have reported in the program, from then on, Nilson backed down when he saw that he could not receive more money and claimed to be receiving pressure from Rodolfo Sancho’s lawyers.