After a success in the first season that led it to become number one in more than fifty countries, it was expected that Netflix would give the green light to a second installment of I’m Georgina, the reality show about the life of Georgina Rodríguez.

A second season that will arrive on March 24, but for which the long-awaited trailer has finally been seen and which confirms, as expected, that we have Georgina and surprises for a while.

More fashion, luxury, parades and photo sessions; but also unprecedented family moments in one of the most important years, for better or for worse, in the lives of Georgina and her partner, the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Her followers will be able to see some of the influencer’s best kept secrets, which we will see discovering some of the corners of her childhood in Jaca or managing with her little ones the move to the United Kingdom after the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Manchester United, through how the family reacted to the news that revolutionized the international press: the announcement of the double pregnancy of the influencer and the Portuguese star.

One of the moments that we now know has been one of the most dramatic that has had to happen in recent times and that, unfortunately, ended with the death of little Angel at the time of delivery.

As Netflix has already announced: “I’m Georgina 2 is the return of one of the most international Spanish influencers: Georgina Rodríguez. But Gio is much more than what we see at first glance: model, mother, businesswoman… In this new season, We will accompany her from Jaca to the Latin Grammys, we will experience the best and the worst moments of her life, and we will see how her strength lies in the support of her family and friends.”

A first season of just six episodes that generated great expectations in what seems to be a guaranteed success. It is not for less, because Gio continues to be that character that is talked about so much and is hardly known, although it is clear that his charisma, simplicity and know-how for business ended up conquering his audience.

A highly anticipated premiere, which Gio herself recorded last October on her Instagram account, confirming with a shot that she was in the middle of recording the long-awaited second part of her docuseries.

The influencer did not need a letter of introduction: just by showing a pink velvet armchair, multiple light bulbs, the camera and even the clapperboard that gave all the details, her followers knew that they were going to know more about their new favorite character .

New episodes landing on the platform on March 24.