The premiere of the third season of The Bridgertons on Netflix is ​​causing a lot of talk on the Internet. As expected, fiction has quickly become one of the most viewed content on the streaming platform in countless countries around the world.

It should be said that only the first episodes of the third season have been released and that, to see how they are resolved, fans of the saga will have to wait until June 13.

This premiere has caused great expectation among fans of the Bridgerton universe. On this occasion, the creators, scriptwriters and directors of the fiction have decided to skip the order of Julia Quinn’s books for the first time and have adapted the fourth (Seducing Mr. Bridgerton) instead of the third.

Thanks to this change of order, the new episodes narrate in detail the evolution of the relationship between Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (played by Luke Newton), a courtship that fans have dubbed on social networks as ‘Polin ‘.

The recent premiere of the new chapters of the fiction has caused thousands of content creators and fans of the series to share curiosities, data and information about it on the Internet. A young man has explained on TikTok that more than 5,000 suits and dresses were used in the first season alone and that there are some actors like Regé-Jean Page who have not wanted to return to the project despite receiving great offers.

In addition to the costumes, another element that the general public has fallen in love with is the setting in which the events take place. Throughout the series, fans have been able to see on the screen large locations, monuments, houses, castles… that have left them fascinated due to their majesty, construction or antiquity.

As the Hey Mondos account has published on the TikTok video platform, many of the fictional settings can be visited in real life. One of the most famous is Wilton House, an English country house located in Wilton, near Salisbury. Also notable are Château Howard (a baroque residence just 15 miles from York) and the Holburne Museum, which is located in Bath.

The Featherington residence is also located in Bath (it is a street with 30 semi-detached houses). You can also visit Windsor Great Park in Windsor. Although all of the above have generated a lot of expectation, the Bridgerton family house is, without a doubt, the setting that most people ask about on social media. The residence is located in Greenwich, southeast of London.