The Asunta Case has become one of the most profitable projects in the history of Netflix Spain. The fiction starring Candela Peña, María León, Tristán Ulloa, Raúl Arévalo, Alicia Borrachero and Javier Gutiérrez, among others, has been in the top positions for several weeks in the top of the most viewed content on the platform in our country, but also in other territories like the United States and Argentina.

The series is based on one of the most notorious crimes in Galicia and Spain. It is about the murder of the 12-year-old girl Asunta Basterra Porto at the hands of her parents (Alfonso Basterra and Rosario Porto). As can be seen in the different chapters, the ex-couple tried to mislead the Police by reporting the disappearance of her minor and showing concern for her. However, the discovery of the body and different evidence placed them as the main suspects in the crime.

The parents of the murdered girl were eventually formally charged and spent two years in preventive detention awaiting trial. In 2015, they were sentenced to 18 years in prison for having ended the life of the 12-year-old girl.

Although it may seem like a story full of dramatic twists (the girl was adopted, the couple had separated due to the presence of a lover in the relationship, Porto had inherited a fortune, etc.), dozens of people have complained in the network about the fact that one of the shadiest cases on the Spanish social scene has been fictionalized.

While many fans of the series have highlighted the great work done by the actors who participate in it (especially Candela Peña playing Rosario Porto), others have pointed out that it is a shame that a platform like Netflix rescues it from oblivion. media a case as harsh as that of Asunta to create expectation and “morbidity” around it.

Countless users on networks have expressed their discontent with this type of projects, especially when there are already documentaries on the subject: ”No type of respect for the victim”, ”The series is completely unnecessary, in bad taste and morbid. ”, ”What was the need to do this?”, etc.

Complaints about the creation of the series have multiplied when seeing its great media impact. As expected, the Netflix project has had a more than notable impact on our country’s society.

Following the publication of The Asunta Case, the murder of the girl has once again become a topical issue, which is why the main television programs and newspapers are interviewing fellow prisoners of the former couple, people around them, etc. .