Ana Isabel Peña, former lawyer of César Román ‘El Rey del Cachopo’, has become one of the protagonists of today. The criminal did not hide her surprise after, a few days ago, Román admitted for the first time her guilt in the murder and dismemberment of her girlfriend, Heidi Paz.

According to Peña, Román always maintained his innocence during the time she handled his case. Now, after the premiere of the docuseries El Rey del Cachopo on Netflix, something else has been discovered: Ana Isabel Peña would have lived through an entire ordeal throughout that time, trying to control her and even declaring that she had feelings for her.

As you can hear some of the experts who participate in the documentary series say, the trial of César Román was quite a “spectacle”; not because of how things happened between the accused and the judge – that too – but because of the treatment that Román gave to his lawyer, whom he controlled all the time, as if he were the real lawyer.

At one point, Ana Isabel Peña confesses that her relationship with Román was so close that the man accused of Heidi Paz’s murder even hinted that he had feelings for her. The ‘King of Cachopo’ cut off all relations with her lawyer shortly after.

César Román has given instructions in prison that Ana Isabel cannot visit him or call him, but his former lawyer has shown Code 10, on Cuatro, the entire letter that he wrote to his former client.

In her letter, the lawyer tells him that “finally” she has gotten him to write to her, something she had never done even though he had asked her: “I tell you beforehand that you cannot tell me not to talk about you, about your family or your environment,” he tells her, before going on to reproach him for having been so insistent.

“You know. Could it be to feel control over me? At first you seemed friendly, funny, trickster… The behavior of a person who wants to seduce and who does not show his true face,” he tells her, going on to remember the numerous letters that the prisoner had already written to him.

Some letters in which Román would have made his feelings towards her clear, with phrases like “I love you very much, my beautiful girl” or “You don’t know what I feel for you”; in addition to trying to contact her by all means, including insistent phone calls, to be able to speak with her.

Everything changed, however, as soon as Román found out that the criminal had a partner, a transformation occurred. Peña assures that he does not recognize this César Román. “Caesar, tell me, who are you? What you have done with me? And what happened to you? “I have always been defending you, even knowing that no one believed you,” he reproaches her.

Peña continues with the reproaches in his letter, accusing him of being “theatrical”: “You, in your own way, again theatrical, send a letter to the media for me,” he says, but not before asking him: “Do you intend to humiliate me? I’m sorry but no, you don’t humiliate me, I escaped your supposed control a long time ago and you can’t control whether I speak or not speak. Or do whatever you want. You have looked very bad after everything I have done for you,” she snaps.

On the set, Nacho Abad, host of the program, directly asks the lawyer if she believed that the King of Cachopo fell in love with her, and the criminal lawyer agrees, although she denied that the prisoner had proposed anything to her and stated that she gave him pause so that he would forget. “Seems that if. We wanted to meet outside, I told him, come out and we’ll talk.”