The case of the young Polish woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann is far from over. After succeeding on Instagram and getting more than 1 million followers in a few days, the platform decided to close the young woman’s account due to the great stir it was causing. This, far from stopping Julia Faustyna, made her stronger and she found other ways of communication.

Now, the young Polish woman who lived in Germany goes through her representative, the medium and detective Fia Johansson, who is accompanying Faustyna in the process. In fact, the investigator has taken the girl with her to the United States after she suffered numerous death threats.

A few days ago, the detective announced that Julia had undergone genetic tests that would be studied in depth in a forensic analysis that would reveal the true origin of the Polish woman and would resolve the great question of whether she really was the girl who disappeared in 2007: ”We are still waiting for the results of the DNA tests that will show us exactly what Julia’s ethnic origin is and what country she and her real family are from. These types of tests are very precise,” she later clarified for The Sun.

The medium has confessed to the British media that the girl is nervous about the results of the tests that will come out in a few weeks and will discover her ancestry, but that she is also very anxious to know the results of other medical tests, since doctors fear that the young woman may have leukemia.

Julia’s story is getting very long. Although at first she claimed that she was Madeleine McCann, a few weeks ago she timidly admitted that “it wasn’t her anyway, but surely she was another kidnapped girl”, something that made her lose many followers.

The young woman has been losing more credibility every day due to some aspects of her speeches that do not add up and to the statements from her family where they admit that Julia needs medication and that she is a person who would do anything for fame. The medium that accompanies Faustyna, Dr. Johannson, continues to defend fiercely that Julia’s family is hiding something and that they are going to prove it.