On May 21, Tamara Falcó made an express trip to New York with only one goal in mind: to meet the creative team of Carolina Herrera, who will ultimately design her wedding dress instead of her first choice, the Bilbao firm Sophie et Voilá, with whom his contract ended just a few days ago with much controversy.

A new creative team that seems to be able to bring the vision of Isabel Preysler’s daughter to reality, who seems to be very clear about what she wants and what she doesn’t. A dream that Wes Gordon, the creative successor of the Venezuelan designer at the firm and who has already sent the Marquise de Griñón some sketches that she is passionate about, will come true.

Little information is known about the dresses that the socialite will wear on her big day, but it seems that Tamara Falcó is very satisfied with the ideas proposed by Gordon, both in the sketches and the ideas that the designer has transmitted to her in person during his lightning visit to the Big Apple.

The aristocrat is delighted with the turn of events, and hopes to have her dress in time for the wedding. It is not surprising that she trusts Gordon, who is one of the designers with the most projection in the world of fashion today. “I design for the woman who lives every minute as if she were at the best party in the world,” the creative confessed in an interview.

Women who want to have a good time and enjoy what they are wearing, as well as feel beautiful and elegant; They are the ones that are part of the exclusive -and varied- list of Wes Gordon clients, of which Tamara Falcó is also a part.

Queen Letizia, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle or the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama are just some of her high society clients.

However, the creative has managed to reach the younger generations, counting among others with singers like Rosalía, Doja Cat, actresses like Anna de Armas, Tessa Thompson, Elle Fanning, Tracee Ellis Ross or Amanda Seyfried and models like Chrissy Teigen, Cara Delevingne or Karlie Kloss are Gordon’s regulars for big events and red carpets.

A new batch of clients looking for all the vibrant colors of the palette in their designs, made up of ruffles, corsets, volumes, lots of taffeta and anything one can imagine; Now, always with the Herrera brand present, with an innate elegance that can be casual and even fun.

His designs have conquered the Instagram generation, and young people like the singer H.E.R., the actress Lena Waithe or the ‘tiktoker’ Ivy Getty have also worn Wes Gordon’s designs, always highly applauded.

Celebs want to have fun dressing up as well as being stylish, and it seems Wes Gordon has the answer to their prayers. The creative has given Carolina Herrera the necessary strength to become one of the favorites today, and of course, he has enough talent to create for Tamara Falcó the dress that everyone will talk about ad nauseam from next July 8.