There are those who opt for traditional weddings and those who flee from conventionality. The latter has been the case of Baltasar Garzón and Lola Delgado, who celebrated their re-wedding (they have been married since December) this Saturday. It was at seven in the afternoon when the former judge was waiting for the former minister inside Enrique Ponce’s farm. The couple, who have shared life for the last 30 years, thus put the finishing touch to their relationship with all their loved ones.

Nothing was missing in the celebration. Baltasar, flanked by purebred Spanish horses, walked among the guests happy and proud to be able to celebrate with all of them. The bride, on her side, arrived dressed in an elegant white suit with a long skirt “from an Italian brand”, as she had already announced days before. Lola reappeared happy, ready to enjoy the day.

And the couple had everything planned, so much so that the day before they sent a schedule to their guests about how the day was going to go. In pure jurist style, María, Baltasar’s eldest daughter, spoke first, as if she were the jurist’s lawyer, to defend that her father was suitable to marry Lola. It was a very funny wink, which did not go unnoticed among the guests.

To this, the bride’s children responded, doing the same with their mother, also capable of committing herself for life to Baltasar. Afterwards, their witnesses spoke, Federico Soria, a criminal lawyer from Almeria and father of Ana Soria, Enrique Ponce’s partner. Also Fernando Andreu, judge of the National Court, close friend of the couple. The entire evening was enlivened by an orchestra that played on site.

The event ended with an emotional speech by the couple, as well as with a performance by Alex Ortiz, who sang the song Las 13 rosas, a song committed to Historical Memory, something that the couple has always defended and that they keep in mind. It should be remembered that this song refers to the death of 13 women from the Socialist Youth who were persecuted and shot during Franco’s dictatorship.

There were many recognized faces who came to the wedding venue, most of them from the judicial and political spheres. They were attended by the chief prosecutor of the National Court, Jesús Alonso, and the lieutenant prosecutor, Marta Durántez. Also present were faces from the Court, Santiago Pedraz, with his partner, the Caja Caminos lawyer, Elena Hormigos.

As for former socialist ministers, there was less presence than expected, and Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Government, did not attend. Carmen Calvo did attend. As for recognized friends of the couple, Pilar del Río, widow of Nobel Prize winner José Saramago, and Miguel Muñoz Calero, economist and founder of La Jaula de Gatos, attended. The artist Miguel Poveda also attended, who enlivened the evening.

Many of these guests were already present the previous night at the pre-wedding, which was held on the same La Cetrina estate. During the night, flamenco predominated, and about 200 people danced to the rhythm of bulerías and rumbas. The cocktail was served by Benidorm Catering. Without a doubt, a great night that neither the bride and groom nor the guests will ever forget.