The photos of Federico de Denmark and Genoveva Casanova walking through Madrid continue to make people talk in the European press, especially in the Nordic country, where they are not letting any details escape of what they already consider to be a real betrayal by the crown prince.

The Danish press is investigating Genoveva Casanova, who has already stated that she is “destroyed” by all the commotion that has been generated after the photographs scandal; But they are not being very kind to her future sovereign either, because there is a detail in this whole story that has set off all the alarms in the country.

The walk of the first-born of Queen Margaret and the Mexican businesswoman takes a backseat when one realizes something else: many of the heir’s entries and exits through Madrid have been made without the required escort that someone of his rank must carry. at all times.

The unscheduled trip to Spain is a cause for concern, but it can be ignored and associated with the private life of the future Danish monarch. However, moving through the streets of a city like Madrid without proper security is something that no royal would consider.

It is precisely seeing the heir leaving and entering the businesswoman’s house without the accompaniment and surveillance of his two bodyguards, broadcast on TardeAR, that has put a large part of the Danish press on alert. In an attempt not to be seen, the prince dismisses the members of his security team, with whom he would meet the next morning at a bus stop about ten minutes from the businesswoman’s house, where he returns to meet with them.

A journey where he was closely followed by the photographers from Gtres, the agency that carried out the report that has already gone around the world. Something inappropriate and that some have even described as “dangerous”, given the rank he holds.

However, this only makes it clear that it would have been a decision of the Danish prince himself, since otherwise he would not have been able to make such a journey without an escort, having exposed himself to great danger in a totally unnecessary way, just to hide where he had spent the night.