New installment of the most romantic program on television, First Dates. On Friday night, Carlos Sobera and Laura Boado welcomed a new batch of singles who showed up at Cuatro’s space with the hope of meeting someone interesting with whom they could start a beautiful love story. However, not all diners who cross the restaurant’s doors manage to leave in company.

Two of the stars of the night were Elina and Héctor. The single woman (40) of Russian origin moved to Spain for love, to be with the father of her son. She had been without a partner for more than six years and now she was willing to find an independent and special man. ”I want it to be traditional and from Andalusia,” she confessed.

Her date was Héctor, a 44-year-old single, who loved spending time with his partner. ”I want to be with someone already formal,” he commented. The singles had a very good first impression as soon as they saw each other, and after toasting their date, they both moved inside the restaurant to have dinner and get to know each other more deeply.

However, during the first minutes of dinner, the single woman was surprised by the bachelor when he discovered that his country of origin was Argentina. A detail that set off all the alarms for Elina. ”What I liked least about him is that he is Latin, I have not so good experiences, so it makes me think that he can be jealous,” she asserted.

But despite this small initial difference, the singles quickly realized that they had many interests in common. Something that undoubtedly helped to have a fluid conversation. ”We have many things in common, like taking trips, living together, our children,” declared the bachelor.

At one point during the evening, Héctor confessed that he needed to find someone who would accept that his son was the most important thing in his life and who would not be jealous. ”I travel a lot and I don’t like controlling people,” she explained. Some words that Elina completely agreed with. Another of their commonalities was that neither of them wanted to have more children. ”I want to enjoy,” he said. ”He seems like a wonderful man to me, physically he attracts me and he is what I wanted,” she declared.

In the final stretch of the evening, the singles moved to the program’s booth, where they demonstrated to the rhythm of a bachata that their chemistry could be the beginning of a beautiful love story. ”I have felt a lot of attraction dancing with him,” she confessed. Therefore, in the final decision there were no surprises and both agreed to have a second meeting.