Frederick the socialite Genoveva Casanova through the streets of Madrid.

From these images, each appearance is followed with special attention and each gesture of the monarchs is analyzed, in search of a clue that confirms or denies these rumors, although the Danish royal house has never commented on this information.

The last appearance of Frederick X and Mary of Denmark has once again generated hundreds of comments on social networks. The monarchs attended a gala dinner hosted in Oslo by King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway on the occasion of their first state visit to the nation. In addition, the date coincided with the couple’s twentieth anniversary.

In the published images, you can see both sitting at the table, having brief conversations and exchanging the occasional smile.

In the opinion of social networks and some journalists, a forced attitude that would denote the discomfort of both and would confirm that their marriage is not going through the best moment, despite the fact that they have just been proclaimed king and queen of Denmark.

“Fake smiles? Involuntary raising of eyebrows? Turning faces at the same time. Any experts in the room?” some ask. “It is evident that non-verbal communication reveals that they do not communicate. Not the slightest coincidence,” adds another. And others go further: “They hate each other.”

Amid the rumors, some have also not missed the speech that King Harald V of Norway dedicated to them. “You took on a big task when you fell in love with this sporty Dane. “You gave up a lot and made Denmark and the Danes your heart,” said the monarch.