Teresa Andrés and Ignacio Ayllón have just become parents of their first daughter together. The influencer and her husband announced this Wednesday, May 22, the arrival of her little girl, whom they wanted to name after her mother, Teresa. The couple published a beautiful post on their Instagram profiles in which we can see the new parents with their daughter in their arms in the hospital. 

”5/21/2024. And now it’s like life has just begun.

Mom and dad will always take care of you,” wrote the content creator while revealing that the little girl had entered the world this past Tuesday. Minutes after announcing the news, the publication was filled with numerous comments from colleagues congratulating the couple. 

It was on November 12 when the couple announced the long-awaited pregnancy on Instagram with an emotional photograph of both holding an ultrasound in front of the sea. ”When you think love can’t be overcome…” wrote the content creator. ”The most beautiful thing in our life,” her husband said. A week after announcing that they were going to start a beautiful family, the influencer revealed to her more than 700,000 followers that they were expecting a girl. 

Now, the couple has just begun a new stage of their life with great enthusiasm and ready to give all their love to their little Teíta. A name that did not go unnoticed on social networks and that the influencer herself wanted to explain. ”It’s a beautiful story. We were really between two and it was Nerea Castellanos, Ignacio’s cousin, who, after her second operation, decided on the name,’ he began by saying. 

”It was super exciting to see how it was the first thing he wanted to do after waking up. Without asking, I wanted Teresa, the name of my 5 ancestors, and that’s how it happened. Welcome little one, you’re coming home. The name of your ancestors, grandmother and mom (Tesi), for those who are at home,’ she said on her social networks. 

The birth of the little girl comes almost two years after the couple walked down the aisle. A wedding that was celebrated in style on July 8, 2022 at the monastery of Santa María de El Puig, in Valencia.