Lorena Morlote’s time on Survivors 2024 has not been very long. But it has lasted long enough to break her long friendship with Makoke, with whom she has had a tense confrontation in ¬°De Viernes!, where they tried, without success, to resolve her differences.

This friendship was affected after the participation of the celebrity hairdresser in the reality show, especially due to her closeness to Laura Matamoros, a detail that Makoke did not like, who also had to endure the influencer making fun of her with a proclaims that it has gone very viral.

The situation became even more complicated when Morlote’s defense of Makoke during her stay in Honduras began to be questioned, which led to a confrontation full of reproaches and accusations between the two friends: “He has shown me that he has no principles. Yes “You love a person, you can defend them.”

In this face-to-face Makoke expressed her discontent with Morlote’s attitude on the island, to which the hairdresser responded firmly, defending her behavior and rejecting accusations of betrayal. “What behavior, being on a reality show and being kind to a person who welcomes me with open arms knowing that I have had a very big conflict with his father?” Morlote questioned.

The dispute escalated when Morlote launched a direct accusation about the real reason for Makoke’s anger: the lack of confrontation with Laura Matamoros on the program. “That’s your betrayal, that’s why you call me a traitor! Because I haven’t killed myself with her!” Morlote exclaimed, revealing the absurdity of Makoke’s claims.

Trying to make his point, Makoke mentioned an audio in which he supposedly encouraged Morlote to be friends with Laura, which cast doubt on Morlote’s accusations of hypocrisy. “I have an audio that I can play for you, in which I say: You know Laura Matamoros or whoever, be her friend,” said Makoke, trying to dismantle everything that was being said about her.

But things did not improve. Both parties continued to throw accusations at each other, evidencing a deep misunderstanding and resentment accumulated in just a few days. In this sense, Makoke insisted that Morlote had acted contrary to what is expected of a friend of hers, especially by not publicly defending her on the program. “Instead of defending myself and saying I have been a bad friend and I have behaved terribly, you are airing dirty laundry,” lamented the woman from Malaga.