‘Mis Ganas Ganan’, the documentary about the story of Elena Huelva, an Ewing sarcoma patient who died last year due to the evolution of the disease, will hit theaters on April 5 and will feature the testimony of her closest loved ones. close, led by the main testimony and narrative axis of his sister, Emi Huelva, and directed by José Luis Hernández Arango.

“This documentary means an extension of the beautiful legacy she left. Being able to continue with what she started, giving importance to research and valuing life as the great gift that it is, making the most of it no matter how many adversities there are,” says Emi Huelva. .

“This project, so beautiful and hard at the same time, brings us to Elena a little closer, makes us laugh, cry and get excited… and at the end of that is what life is about,” he adds.

In addition to their loved ones, some public figures such as Aitana, Eva González, Toñi Moreno, Tomás Páramo and Manuel Carrasco have also joined in to collaborate on the documentary. The latter, in turn, is the author of the original song ‘Dragonfly’, the main theme of the documentary.

Likewise, the audiovisual piece also has statements from the medical team that was there during the treatment process, the oncologists Ignacio Gutiérrez, Eduardo Quiroga and Claudia Valverde, also president of the Spanish Sarcoma Research Group (GEIS), in addition to the social media analyst. , Juan Merodio.

According to the GEIS researcher, the research group aims to “clear up questions such as whether adding Regorafenib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, to the standard chemotherapy treatment can improve responses and prognosis, or whether to modulate the doses of radiotherapy (according to the risk of each patient). ) could increase the chances of cure or reduce toxicity.”

In addition to her legacy on social networks, in her followers and close people, Elena Huelva also collaborated with the Juegaterapia Foundation, which fights against childhood cancer. Thus, the profits raised from the ‘Baby Pelón’ dolls are destined for the ‘Elena Huelva Scholarship’, as she herself decided, for the GEIS group.

For the founder and president of the Juegaterapia Foundation, Mónica Esteban, it has been “very special” to participate in this documentary. Being able to talk about Elena, she adds, “and for her story to reach so many people, it keeps her spirit alive.”

“In addition, thanks to your Baby Pelón you can continue helping, not only to give visibility to childhood cancer, but to continue raising funds for Ewing Sarcoma Research,” concludes Mónica Esteban.