The last few months in the British Royal House have been very complicated. To the prolonged absence of King Charles III and the subsequent announcement that he suffered from prostate cancer, was added the news of Kate Middleton’s chemotherapy for a cancer found during an abdominal operation.

Another member of the British band who has admitted to suffering from cancer is Sarah Ferguson. Prince Andrew’s ex-wife was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer just a semester after recovering from breast cancer.

However, this situation has not prevented Ferguson from continuing to attend events, such as a charity gala held during the Cannes Film Festival. There, in statements to People magazine and reported by Semana, she told how she is feeling: “I’m very well. I think we have managed to put the cancer in the right place, without getting it to rule me. I have put cancer in a corner.”

The former Duchess of York also took the opportunity to encourage other people who find themselves in her situation to get the necessary tests: “I think you always have to be aware. I think it’s great to get tested for breast cancer and melanoma. “I think you have to be very honest about it.”

Regarding the illnesses suffered by Charles III and Kate Middleton, Sarah said that in these types of situations family unity is “key”, and then added a few words about forgiveness: “I think the key to life is that we all Let’s support each other. And also forgiveness is a great thing. I think forgiveness of oneself and forgiveness of others.

A few months ago, when Kate Middleton announced that she would have to undergo chemotherapy, Sarah Ferguson wanted to send a few words of support to the Duchess of York: “All my thoughts and prayers are with the Princess of Wales as she begins her treatment. I know she will be surrounded by the love of her family and everyone is praying for the best outcome.”