Hey girl, Ryan Gosling showed up to the Oscars red carpet wearing a ruffled shirt with his tuxedo.

7 Months Ago

7 Months Ago

6 Months Ago

Bold move. 


Ryan Gosling with the a+ nudibranch reference on the shirt pic.twitter.com/fpGEQQYG4q

Fun fact Ryan Gosling’s shirt is made from a pair of ruffled underwear I wore as a child pic.twitter.com/iwd9UK9HHR


Ryan Gosling’s shirt. You know you thought about that too. #Oscars pic.twitter.com/0SGISOYCa3


La camisa de Ryan Gosling me recordó a la "puffy shirt" de @SeinfeldTV … "But I don’t wanna be a pirate"! #Oscars pic.twitter.com/Gpq2erssk1

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