Although there are styles or combinations of clothing that are especially easy to carry out successfully, others can be much more complicated. A good example of this is double denim, with which there are only two options. Or you can achieve a sophisticated result with an interesting finish, worthy of a fashion influencer. Or quite the opposite, totally unsightly and not flattering at all. However, as is often the case with fashion topics, there are a series of tricks to be able to show off a ‘total denim’ look and succeed with it.

It is time to take advantage of seasonal jeans and mid-season denim skirts or jackets by creating combinations in which they harmonize with each other. In other words, the time has come to end the rule of not combining more than one garment of this fabric and lose the fear of wearing two in the same look. To do this, simplicity will be the key to success.

Double denim is still a trend in 2024, so it is time to learn once and for all how to combine different pieces of clothing with this fabric and be able to go out and take advantage of them.

An excellent strategy is to combine two denim pieces of the same or similar shades with a blazer, a staple of any self-respecting wardrobe. This will serve to obtain a more polished and sophisticated result, especially with neutral colors, such as black or navy blue. With them it will be very easy to get it right.

With a white t-shirt there is no room for error either. Here it will be even more important to opt for simplicity when choosing accessories, so the focus will be entirely on double denim. Of course, it will be more important that the two denim garments have as close a tone as possible.

Another trick leaves all the responsibility on the shoes, which will be chosen in a color that contrasts with the denim clothing. Something that will mainly depend on how dark or light the denim fabric is, since the point is that the color of the shoe stands out as much as possible. For example, greens or reds for a rather light denim, or golds and pinks in the opposite case.

Although it is also possible to play with greater freedom when combining clothes, for example, opting for two denims of different colors. That is, a top with the classic denim blue and pants and skirt made of the same fabric, only in white. Or vice versa.

It is also appreciated to vary the use of classic jeans and give space to denim skirts, with which you can obtain very sophisticated and striking results.